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Revue issue #1

Nikky Hofland
Revue issue #1
By Nikky Hofland • Issue #1 • View online
“When was the last time you actually talked to one of your customers?” I really love to ask this question. Most of the times people really feel embarrassed answering it. While developing Swipe & Shop I realised nurturing relationships with customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. I discovered which media channels these young girls used (apps I didn’t even know about), but also how they used our product. (like changing device when buying a garment, which was why we couldn’t track the sale)Nowadays more and more people ask me how many times I talk to customers, what questions I ask and what tools. That is why I decided to send out this newsletter. Feel free to share it with others! And I would love to hear your opinion! You can comment by clicking the balloon next to every link!

Must-read top 3..
Never Show a Design You Haven’t Tested On Users
How Our Product Design Team Conducts Usability Tests Every 2 Weeks
My nr. 1 tip..
You want to learn from customers, but it’s also good to respect their time. I usually keep skype calls or interviews to 15 – 30 minutes and let them drive the conversation. I prepare some questions, but they are not more than fire starters. All I have to do is steer the discussion and ask keep asking why, when, how and what.
Try to see talking to customers like going on a date. Try to stay positive, make a good impression, and let them do most of the talking.
My most used tool..
Projects I have been working on..
From side-project to millions of emails
One million — On Blendle
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Nikky Hofland

I love to talk. And I love talking to customers even more. In my newsletter I will try to inspire you in doing more with user feedback, or maybe even start doing user research yourself.

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